About izothreads

Hi! I'm the CEO and owner of izothreads --based in Sarasota, Florida! My name is Aly, and I love the beach, shells, comfy clothing, and my loving, supportive family+husband :)

My business story starts all the way back in elementary school where I would make and sell bracelets. It was doing well until I got in trouble for selling things at school, so I had to put an end to it. I eventually opened an Etsy shop where my family members would support me from miles away. My first order was my aunt Debbie. Her support meant a lot and that is what motivated me. It made me happy knowing I can make money from my creations. Although I didn't make a ton of sales on Etsy, I learned how to manage an online business from a young age.

I started Izo in the midst of COVID-19 after quitting my two jobs as a waitress and hostess. I saved a couple hundred bucks from those jobs, but I was hesitant starting a business because I didn't have much. But, I realized that taking risks is what makes a good business. So that's what I did. I asked my mom for an embroidery machine for Christmas, and in low-and-behold! I got one! I started making custom embroidered crewnecks and hoodies on instagram and gained so much support so fast! It was really fascinating and It made me incredibly happy. That brings us here to today. I started my site May 2, 2021 and spent months preparing artwork, designs and more to showcase my fun and comfy clothing to the world. This business strives for quality and good vibes. Our clothing is 100% ethically made and we're extremely proud we're able to say this so you can feel good about where you shop!

I am so incredibly grateful to my parents. My Father is the hardest worker I know and inspired me to work just as hard. I also learned a couple business tricks from him too ;) My mother has an incredible eye for art. She knows what colors work together and she has an incredible aesthetic. As always, I'm grateful for YOU --for supporting a dream. You're pretty awesome!