Ambassador Program

How to become an ambassador for izothreads in two steps!

1. Contact us by reaching out to our customer service email:, or shoot us a DM on instagram @izothreads

  • looking for a contacting format? follow this template: "Dear Izothreads team, my name/company is _____ and I/we would love to join your ambassador program! (Tell us about yourself and why you would be a good ambassador for us). Thank you! Sincerely, _____.

2. We'll let get back to you and let you know if you're a great fit! 

What does being an ambassador entail and how does it work?

  • Ambassadors will get paid commission for what they "sell"
  • How does it work? As soon as you're approved as an ambassador you'll get a discount code for 10% off your purchase! This code will also be used for your followers! Share it with your followers and whatever they purchase, you'll get 5% back!
  • Think of it as an investment, when you buy something and share it with others, you'll end up making more if enough people use your code!

What do I post, where and when?

  • Post content involving you wearing your new piece! 
  • You can make reels, tiktoks, tweets, instagram posts, story posts, etc...
  • The more you post, the more your followers will see your discount code and the faster you get paid!
  • When do I post? Post any time of the day except for late at night. Why? Not a lot of people are fully engaging with posts then, so it's best for you to post in the day so you get more engagement! This does not apply to tiktoks though, as their algorithms are all over the place!


  • Must be 13 years or older
  • If under 18 please ask a legal parent/guardian
  • If under 18, make sure you have a legal parent/guardian that can accept payments for you if you don't have any way to receive payments from izothreads. Payment details listed below.

How do I get paid?

  • Izothreads will pay you commissions via PayPal or Venmo 
  • You must reach a minimum of 20 dollars via your commissions through your discount code in order to start receiving payments.

                       Questions? Contact